Dienstag, 15. April 2008

Donnerstag, 3. April 2008


SOULFUL | designs present this awesome & political photo badge incl. pin for all soulies who are interested in. just 1.99 € for a huge 56 mm badge if you buy more than 20 badges you get a discount...it's time to express your political attitude...by the way a part of the money will be contributed towards a fund! cheers

Soulin' Badge/Pin just 1.99 € (56mm)

Montag, 31. März 2008


hi fellaz,

welcome to our blogspot - it's about soulful & urban design. if you need some artwork for upcoming cd or vinyl releases, promo stuff like flyers or posters or anything else - feel free to contact us. We do great work - you will see. loads of examples will follow to get an imagine of my work.

the work flow is quite easy: we talk about the stylez you are interested in, after that you'll get a small jpg of your own artwork to see what we've done & if you like it you will get the printable media by email.


soulful | designs

"soul spectrums" flyer

"Karate Funk" Flyer

"soulin' with sir matthew fox" website

"jazz shack" flyer & logo design

"the real shack" flyer & logo design

"The Real Shack" Flyer

"Jazz Line" Folder (Title)

"Sharon Jones In Concert" Flyer

"Jazzshack" Flyer